Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want my child to be a Photo Model, what do I do?

A: The best place to start is right here by signing up for a FREE Photo Model Assessment. Our Assessment Sessions are heaps of fun that your child, whether a baby, toddler, kid or teen …. will love and enjoy the moments of being in front of the camera with a professional crew giving all the directions. There is no experience necessary and we’ll guarantee it will be a memorable experience for both of you.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: Our Photo Model Assessment Sessions are FREE.

Q: Is ModelKids Australia an agency?

A: We are not an agency nor do we compete with agencies. Instead, ModelKids Australia is your starting point for Portfolios and Video Clips. Our core business is providing Stock Photo Libraries such as Aussie Kids with images that have enough punch to be sold on to businesses to use in their advertising and martketing campaigns.

Q: What advantages does ModelKids Australia have over a model agency?

A: The biggest advantage we have over a typical model agency is that is does not matter where you live nor are you limited by any time restraints. We found that kids who desparately wanted to be models and lived in country districts were unable to fulfill such dreams simply because of distance …and as everyone knows, most modelling jobs are centred around the big cities where all the agencies and production houses are located. At the same time, city kids found that castings to some jobs did not always fit into the busy life led by many parents.

Q: I’m already with an agency. Will this effect my progress?

A: Your participation with ModelKids Australia should not conflict with any modelling/talent agency contracts you have. In fact, you and your agency will benefit from your increased exposure …. now that’s a bonus for you.

Q: Does it matter where I live?

A: Not at all. Modelkids Australia partners with the Nations leading kids photographic company and can arrange Model Photo Assessments anywhere from coast to coast and in all states.

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